Ashhust Food Bank are an idependant food bank that operate under the umbrella of Pohangina and Ashhurst Community Trust. They have a small space at the rear of St. John's Methodist Church in Ashhurst.
Crewe Cresent Community Garden was closed and moved to Awapuni, and now renamed "Awapuni Community Garden". Our vision is to create a vibrant community hub where neighbours are collectively involved in various sustainable living initiatives that provide healthy food, encourage social connections, and reduce family food budgets.
Whakapai Hauora have a vegetable garden with about 15 raised garden beds that they started about 5 years ago, when they saw a need in their community. They grow a variety of vegetables that they distribute among their clients wherever they see a need, or which are available in their foyer from time to time.
Community fruit harvest is a service that picks unwanted fruit from back yards and orchards and shares it with charitable organisations and food banks. Fruit can be shared or requested on their website. They will also harvest unwanted/surplus vegetables, in very large or small quantities.
Enviroschools has facilitators who work with schools to introduce environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into their schools. Facilitators hold workshops for teachers of schools who are willing to participate in the Enviroschools programme. They encourage environmental and sustainable practices such as composting, waste minimisation and awareness, and sustainable gardening.
St Matthews sells these meals on site every Tuesday from 4pm – 5pm, and Thursday from 11am to 12 noon. For an additional $2.50 deliveries can be made to your home on either a Wednesday or Friday morning. This is the same cost for one meal or 10, so you can have one delivery and stock up your freezer. The larger meals are 400 grams and cost $9.00 and the lighter ones are 300 grams and cost $6.00.
Family Feeds is a not-for-profit organisation that, each week, provide packages that contain recipes and ingredients for 5 well-balanced meals to feed a family of four. The packages cost $60 per week, so the cost works out at $3 per person, per meal.
Food Together is a fruit and vegetable cooperative, providing affordable fruit and vegetables to the community. $12 buys you one bag of vegetables and one bag of fruit purchased fresh from the markets the same day. Pre order and pre payment are essential, and orders can be placed either online or in cash at St. Matthews Anglican Church.
Friends of Waitoetoe Park run working bees and events in Waitoetoe Park, which has a number of nut tree plantings, and some fruit trees at the Northern end of the park near the kindergarten.
Good Bitches Baking's mission is 'to bring a little bit of happiness to people going through a tough time, through baked goods'. They supply registered charities with baked goods. Recipients include boarding houses, homeless trusts, soup kitchens, food banks, hospital wards, hospices, support groups, and refuges. "And we're not stopping!
Green Hub is an art recycling centre, and incorporates Green Bikes. They have a communal garden with edibles, in the back courtyard of the Square Edge building: Mostly herbs, edible flowers, and silver beet. The public may help themselves. It is located in the courtyard behind Square Edge.
Hancock Community House has a garden with blueberries, apple trees and rosemary bushes. These are for the use of clients and staff of Community House. There is also a sharing basket located inside.
Wholegrain Organics are an organic bakery, vegan cafe, organic shop, and production kitchen selling products that are made on-site throughout New Zealand. Wholegrain Organics are the creators of the programme Hands On Food, NZQA accredited cooking classes for youth. Wholegrain Organics and Hands On Food are not-for-profit social enterprises.
Helping Hands Manawatu is a Facebook gifting page. Food is often gifted on this site, among other things. They have also started their own community garden. Helping Hands Manawatu is a Facebook gifting page. Food is often gifted on this site, among other things. They have also started their own community garden.
Hope Beyond Gifting is a facebook based community group who are motivated by 'kind hearts giving to others that generally are in need of assistance when all else seems to fail'. Hope Beyond Gifting helps to connect people who are in need with those who have something to give.
Hope Vineyard is a Christian church that holds a Sunday night service, before which they hold a shared meal. Those who can provide, do, and share it with those who cannot. Hope Vineyard also run the Hope Kitchen Cafe, where you can bring your own food, and enjoy a hot drink from them.
A community meal accompanied by games, discussions, and an opportunity to connect with God. This service currently serves around 50-70 people. There is a donation box, but this is not compulsory.  
Just Zilch is a food rescue service that serves an average of 208 people daily. They have volunteers who collect excess food from suppliers, stock the shelves, and help distribute the food to clients. Clients may take enough food for a 24 hour period. 80-90% of the food Just Zilch provides is perishable.
Kindhearts is a local charitable organization, who run several charitable food initiatives. They work with kindergartens and schools to provide them with food. Kindhearts will send out an email every week to the participating schools asking what they need for the following week. The schools place an order, which Kindhearts then source, and volunteers courier the packages to the schools.
Land-Based Training run a NZQA accredited horticultural training program. They also offer courses in apiculture and agriculture. The courses are free, and available to everyone (all ages), except those who have completed a NZQA level 2 certificate.
Leap run the Ashhurst Community Market. They operate a sharing table during the market, outside the library.
Legacy Centre is a Christian organisation that holds a free community meal from 5.30 pm every Monday, excepting public holidays and a 3 week break over the christmas period. They also host a 'drop in meal' for children on a Thursday from 3-4pm. A Community Cafe is on held on Wednesdays from 10-2pm. This sells cheap and healthy food, and proceeds from this help fund the community meal.
The Manawatu Beekeeper's Club coordinates and promotes a variety of educational and social programs and services. These programs and services provide both beekeepers and the general public with opportunities to learn about beekeeping and honey bees. They hold a monthly meetings, which are open to everyone, and which are followed by supper and a chance to socialize.
Manchester House are a Social Service tthat operates a food bank for people in Feilding and surrounds. "At Manchester House we endeavour to ensure that when a food parcel is provided, there are provisions within it specifically for children." They also have an Ezze Meals service, with nutritious frozen meals available for $8.00 per serving.
Luck Venue serves a nutritious midday meal for $2.50, Mondays through to Fridays. It is open on Monday 8.30am - 3pm, and Tuesday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm. You can drop in anytime during those hours, but a hot lunch is served at midday, and lunch orders must be in by 10am. There is a free breakfast service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (porridge, toast and hot drinks) from 8.30-9.15.
Methodist Social Services offer a Food Bank service that will provide a family with a food package that is intended to last a few days.
Moheke Ave is a street in the suburb of Roslyn which boasts a number of burm gardens. There are about 18 garden boxes with flowers, some herbs and a few vegetables. There are six feijoa trees, six peach trees, 3 lemons, 3 mandarins, one apple tree and one grape vine. The other edibles are herbs and strawberries, and some of the flowers.
Norton Park Community Garden is a koru-shaped, allotment style raised garden. There are serveral plots, all of which are currently leased. (However, please contact Reach Roslyn to confirm this). Plot owners pay a small fee of $10 per year. Council are responsible for weed managment in the general area and the mowing, but individual plot owners are responsible for their own plot maintenance.
This is a Manawatu based 'Pass it Forward' group that aims to support those within the Manawatu Community. This is a re-gifting group where people can gift or donate items (including food) and others can ask to be considered. All are respected, and there are no strings attached to the gifting and donations.
Plant to Plate is a not-for-profit which provides in-class food education for primary schools. The educational programmes involve setting up vegetable gardens within schools, cooking seasonal food, and preparing menus based on what they plant and harvest. They provide 4 sessions per school per year.
RECAP is a charitable society that offers workshops in permaculture, fruit tree pruning, fermenting vegetables, composting and keeping chickens, among others.
Red Cross are the primary provider of community refugee resettlement programmes in New Zealand. They will assist refugee groups interested in social enterprise with things like food safety certification, sessions with the community compliance officer at IRD, advice with related costs, and help with advertising material like fliers and business cards.
Salvation Army are a not-for-profit Christian Church. They have a food bank at 431 Church Street in Palmerston North, and the food parcels that they give out are intended to last 3-5 days. They are divided into sizes according to the size of the family. They also host a weekly Community Meal, including one on Christmas Day.
Hold a 'Friendship Meal' every second Wednesday. This is run by volunteers, and the cost is a gold coin donation. Meals are vegetarian, and are held in the church dining room.
St. David's Presbytarian Church run classes for cooking on a budget. They hold an afternoon tea on the 4th Thursday of every month. St. David's Church supports the Methodist Food Bank - A basket is provided at Sunday mornings services for food, personal hygiene and cleaning agent donations.
St. Peter's community garden is a sustainable, organic garden behind St. Peter's Church. There are 4 large raised vegetable gardens that are wheelchair accessible, and 4-6 other raised beds, that are non-wheelchair accessible. There are approximately 27 feijoa trees, and 5 citrus trees. The garden is not currently being used as a community garden.
St Vincent de Pauls is a Catholic organisation that offers a food parcel service for those in need. Volunteers deliver food parcels to people who have requested them. Requests can be made in the Rangitikei Street store or by phoning them. It can take up to 48 hours for a food parcel to be delivered.  
Supergrans offer informative workshops on the basics of organic household food production, including: Soil preparation, mulch, composting, winter garden placement, and plant selection and feeding. They also offer cooking on a budget classes. Classes are sometimes offered as one-on-one mentoring, or otherwise as group classes.
Te Aroha Noa has tea and coffee facilities in their very welcoming community space, and sometimes have fresh fruit and vegetables available for anyone in the community to take away with them. As part of their school holiday program they may occassionally run cooking classes. The preschool has it's own raised vegetable gardens.
Te Whare Koha opperate a small food bank for people in their community. They have a community garden on site in which they grow vegetables for their clients. Their focus is to help reduce the impact of poverty by giving the community the opportunity to find its own solutions.
The Lucky Vege Cart is a sharing table in Cloverlea. It is for the use of the community of Cloverlea. Produce is a donation, and proceeds go to Cloverlea School.
Transition Feilding are a group of community-minded people who are interested in permaculture and the 'hands-on' approach to community gardens.
Wiararapa Eco Farm is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), allso known as subscription farming or farm shares. Customers subscribe to a season's worth of vegetables and fruit. The customer's dollar goes directly to the farm where it is grown. The produce is delivered to pick-up points throughout Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, in Palmerston North, and throughout the Wairarapa.
Wholegrain Organics are a registered charity who partner with local businesses and schools, to provide cooking classes to the city's youth.