Community Garden

Crewe Cresent Community Garden was closed and moved to Awapuni, and now renamed "Awapuni Community Garden". Our vision is to create a vibrant community hub where neighbours are collectively involved in various sustainable living initiatives that provide healthy food, encourage social connections, and reduce family food budgets.
Friends of Waitoetoe Park run working bees and events in Waitoetoe Park, which has a number of nut tree plantings, and some fruit trees at the Northern end of the park near the kindergarten.
Green Hub is an art recycling centre, and incorporates Green Bikes. They have a communal garden with edibles, in the back courtyard of the Square Edge building: Mostly herbs, edible flowers, and silver beet. The public may help themselves. It is located in the courtyard behind Square Edge.
Hancock Community House has a garden with blueberries, apple trees and rosemary bushes. These are for the use of clients and staff of Community House. There is also a sharing basket located inside.
Moheke Ave is a street in the suburb of Roslyn which boasts a number of burm gardens. There are about 18 garden boxes with flowers, some herbs and a few vegetables. There are six feijoa trees, six peach trees, 3 lemons, 3 mandarins, one apple tree and one grape vine. The other edibles are herbs and strawberries, and some of the flowers.
Norton Park Community Garden is a koru-shaped, allotment style raised garden. There are serveral plots, all of which are currently leased. (However, please contact Reach Roslyn to confirm this). Plot owners pay a small fee of $10 per year. Council are responsible for weed managment in the general area and the mowing, but individual plot owners are responsible for their own plot maintenance.
RECAP is a charitable society that offers workshops in permaculture, fruit tree pruning, fermenting vegetables, composting and keeping chickens, among others.
St. Peter's community garden is a sustainable, organic garden behind St. Peter's Church. There are 4 large raised vegetable gardens that are wheelchair accessible, and 4-6 other raised beds, that are non-wheelchair accessible. There are approximately 27 feijoa trees, and 5 citrus trees. The garden is not currently being used as a community garden.
Te Whare Koha opperate a small food bank for people in their community. They have a community garden on site in which they grow vegetables for their clients. Their focus is to help reduce the impact of poverty by giving the community the opportunity to find its own solutions.