Food Bank

Ashhust Food Bank are an idependant food bank that operate under the umbrella of Pohangina and Ashhurst Community Trust. They have a small space at the rear of St. John's Methodist Church in Ashhurst.
Just Zilch is a food rescue service that serves an average of 208 people daily. They have volunteers who collect excess food from suppliers, stock the shelves, and help distribute the food to clients. Clients may take enough food for a 24 hour period. 80-90% of the food Just Zilch provides is perishable.
Manchester House are a Social Service tthat operates a food bank for people in Feilding and surrounds. "At Manchester House we endeavour to ensure that when a food parcel is provided, there are provisions within it specifically for children." They also have an Ezze Meals service, with nutritious frozen meals available for $8.00 per serving.
Methodist Social Services offer a Food Bank service that will provide a family with a food package that is intended to last a few days.
Salvation Army are a not-for-profit Christian Church. They have a food bank at 431 Church Street in Palmerston North, and the food parcels that they give out are intended to last 3-5 days. They are divided into sizes according to the size of the family. They also host a weekly Community Meal, including one on Christmas Day.
St Vincent de Pauls is a Catholic organisation that offers a food parcel service for those in need. Volunteers deliver food parcels to people who have requested them. Requests can be made in the Rangitikei Street store or by phoning them. It can take up to 48 hours for a food parcel to be delivered.  
Te Whare Koha opperate a small food bank for people in their community. They have a community garden on site in which they grow vegetables for their clients. Their focus is to help reduce the impact of poverty by giving the community the opportunity to find its own solutions.