Just Zilch

Contact Name

Rebecca Culver

Street Address

248 Featherston Street
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand

Contact Phone

022 5972569

Operating Hours

There are 2 openings daily:  At the 1.30 - 2.30 slot veges, bread, and bulk items like yoghurt are available, and at the 4.30 to 6 slot, all of the above are available, plus items rescued from bakeries and cafes.

Service Type

Service Offered

Just Zilch is a food rescue service that serves an average of 208 people daily. They have volunteers who collect excess food from suppliers, stock the shelves, and help distribute the food to clients. Clients may take enough food for a 24 hour period. 80-90% of the food Just Zilch provides is perishable.

Service Other

Sometimes Just Zilch has an excess of food. When this happens they share food with other community organisations.

Service Restrictions

There is no means testing for this service, no criteria, and no ID is required. All are welcome. they ask that you take just what you need for the day and be mindful of others.

Service Area

Services the whole city; anyone who can get there.

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